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" You are as good as your last move"
- VM

Migalchan Showreel

Victor Migalchan Interview with D L Miles

on Wednesday, 07 February 2018.

Victor Migalchan Interview with Hollywood Director D L Miles

"Inter for Kids" Charity Project

on Thursday, 01 February 2018.

Victor Migalchan takes part in the charity project of the Inter TV Channel "Inter for Kids"

After participating in many charity events in Hollywood, Victor diversified his vectors and 

decided to support charity project "Inter for Kids" organized by Inter TV Channel.

Together with legendary Master Bob Wall, Victor presented picture, signed by Bob Wall.

"Hope we can save more and more kids' lives" ,- says Victor





Live on Inter TV

on Thursday, 04 January 2018.

Victor Migalchan Live on Inter TV talking about Hollywood Experience


Victor was invited to be guest of "Good Morning" TV Program on Inter TV Channel.

Together with Host Denis Kushnariov they discussed celebrity life, Hollywood experience

and many other news and details

You can find the video and full interview here: 



Visiting Jing Wu Athletic Association

on Saturday, 30 December 2017.

Visiting Legendary Jing Wu Athletic Association

Visiting Jing Wu Athletic Association

How many of us have a must do list? Victor has one and it is a very long. "To Visit Legendary Jing Wu Association" was one of thiese "must do" things for him, because Jing Wu's and Huo Yuanjia story was one of the most inspiring and motivational for Victor. In 2017 Jing Wu Athletic Association Opened it's doors for Victor. Master Chen, who served as principal at Jing Wu for 40 years, after a indepth check of Victor's background invited him personally, introduced Jing Wu, all its buildings, classes, activities, goals, etc. 

Jing Wu right now arranges the MMA League in China and they invited Victor to host their events


Seminar at the Daqing University

on Monday, 04 December 2017.

Victor Migalchan held a seminar at the University of the city of Daqing

Seminar at the Daqing University

Victor always gladly shares his knowledge with young generations, he does his best to inspire and motivate them. 

In Daqing Victor met students of the Daqing State University, who are majoring in Opera and Vocal.

They had long hours of discussions and Q&A. It was indeed great time and we hope to see

these students performing in Hollywood soon!

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