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How do we naturally prevent and fight diabetes ?

on Tuesday, 03 April 2018.

How do we naturally prevent and fight diabetes ?

In this article I'd like to share with you brief but straight forward information I learned from respected healthcare professionals.

What causes diabetes? Life style, stress, nutrition, etc. Insulin level gets higher and higher and higher till the level when it is too late.

What can we do to prevent and fight this. Let's first see a simple explanation. 

When we eat, our body naturally produces insulin and it goes into our blood. Then, in order to distribute all elements to correct places it needs to connect with receptors. If receptors are not active, dull... (sort of lazy), body makes more and more insulin, to push those elements. Hence the level of our insulin is rising, and if we don't do anything about those receptors, the level of insulin shall continue rising till the very critical moment. 

What do we do to shake those receptors and make them work properly?


And I'm not talking about jogging, walking, running etc. I'm talking about working out with weights in the gym. When we stress the muscle, during a weight training, this stress also touches receptors and day by day improves their function in our body.

If the level of insuline is already high, with heavy workouts, we make receptors work better and hence we lower the level of insuline in our body.

It is not a 1 day thing to do, it is a life style, healthy life style, which includes not only proper and quality workouts at the gym, but also nutrition, recovery (proper slee), no other bad habits, etc. 

For more information you are welcome to contact me.

Stay healthy and stay tune!

How to naturally prevent and fight cancer

on Tuesday, 03 April 2018.

How to prevent and fight cancer? I've been researching about different natural methods a pretty long time. I went from visiting libraries, to interviewing different, but experienced in the healthcare field, people. I am happy to share what I got:

1) Cannabis oil enemas and green juicing;

2) Cook with a lot of garlic. Zero chemicals in the food.

3) Soursop/Guanabana is amazing! The leaves are best, but depending on where you are located you may have to order online. Just boil the leaves to make a tea.

4) Natural coconut water is good as well. Also try guinea weed/Anamu! I have family members that have tried all of these with great success.

5) Go vegan or as close as possible to vegan. Use as much as possible greens, vegetables and fruits. All organic is best, or find someone that grows non-GMO fruits and veggies that you can purchase from.

6) Alkaline water.

7) Organic juicing (kale, lemon, ginger, etc)!

8) No chemo!!! Drink lemon water all day, everyday.

9) Drink 2 tablespoons of Braggs Organic apple cider vinegar per day. Basically, you need to alkalize the body. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. Use all super healthy greens and foods. All of these things help alkalize the body.

Stay Healthy and stay tuned !

"Inter for Kids" Charity Project

on Thursday, 01 February 2018.

Victor Migalchan takes part in the charity project of the Inter TV Channel "Inter for Kids"

After participating in many charity events in Hollywood, Victor diversified his vectors and 

decided to support charity project "Inter for Kids" organized by Inter TV Channel.

Together with legendary Master Bob Wall, Victor presented picture, signed by Bob Wall.

"Hope we can save more and more kids' lives" ,- says Victor





Live on Inter TV

on Thursday, 04 January 2018.

Victor Migalchan Live on Inter TV talking about Hollywood Experience


Victor was invited to be guest of "Good Morning" TV Program on Inter TV Channel.

Together with Host Denis Kushnariov they discussed celebrity life, Hollywood experience

and many other news and details

You can find the video and full interview here: 



Visiting Jing Wu Athletic Association

on Saturday, 30 December 2017.

Visiting Legendary Jing Wu Athletic Association

Visiting Jing Wu Athletic Association

How many of us have a must do list? Victor has one and it is a very long. "To Visit Legendary Jing Wu Association" was one of thiese "must do" things for him, because Jing Wu's and Huo Yuanjia story was one of the most inspiring and motivational for Victor. In 2017 Jing Wu Athletic Association Opened it's doors for Victor. Master Chen, who served as principal at Jing Wu for 40 years, after a indepth check of Victor's background invited him personally, introduced Jing Wu, all its buildings, classes, activities, goals, etc. 

Jing Wu right now arranges the MMA League in China and they invited Victor to host their events


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