Ukrainian Transliteration: Viktor Mihalchan

Nationality: UKRANIAN

Height: 6’3” / 191CM

Weight: 200 LBS / 90KG




 Victor is a professional athlete, specialized in martial arts. Besides that, he has expertise in international economics, diplomacy, foreign languages, weight trainings, nutrition and fitness. 

After gaining success in 2008 and 2009, Victor was invited to join the National Team. Right after that he was offered by the Governor of Chernivtsi Region to join his office and, having to make a difficult choice, Victor decided to join the Governor's Office at the Regional Administration and supported many competing and young athletes, by giving them his place and also financially.

After winning world champion title in 2011 and a three-year absence, Victor returned to international competition in 2013. In October, at the US Open Martial Arts Championship in NYC, Victor won the San Da competition against a former heavyweight UFC fighter who was two weight classes heavier. Victor also won gold medals in both Tai Ji Quan and Tai Ji Qixie (Taiji weapons). 

Following those year’s successes, Victor was again invited to become a member of the National Ukranian Wushu Team. After discovering corruption plan of the management of national federation, Victor decided to continue his professional athletic career by himself and left in October 2014. His new accomplishments were about to come soon.


 Wushu Styles: Main Specialization : Tai Ji (Tai Chi) Specialist (traditional & modern) in Yang, Wu, Sun styles.

Accomplished in Modern (Chang Quan, Nan Quan, Tai Ji Quan, Tai Ji Jian, Dao Shu, Jian Shu, Gun Shu, Qiang Shu), Traditional (Shaolin Quan, Hong Quan, Yongchun Quan), Push-hands, & Sanda/Sanshou (Free Fight)

 Other: 2002-2016 Traditional Wushu/Athletic Wushu/Traditional Kung Fu Ukranian National Title Champion

 Victor organized four Ukranian Open Seminars featuring internationally acclaimed wushu athlete instructors with local and international participants; he was the coach and judge for the Ukranian National Championships; captain and coach of the regional wushu team; athlete; head of the Regional Martial Arts association; presenter; actor; and teacher. 

 Languages: Fluent in English, Ukranian, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, & Romanian. Currently learning French, Italian, German & Czech. 





2017, March - Chinese Martial Arts Competition "CMAT 25" San Francisco (CA, USA)

                        1st place in Sun Tai Ji Quan Open

                         2nd place in Tai ji Quan Compulsory

                         2nd Place in Tai Ji Jian

                        1st place in Bajiquan


2015, May - Tiger Claw Elite Tournament , San Jose (CA, USA)

                         2nd place in Taiji Quan Open

                         3d place in Taiji Jian

                         3d place in Taiji Qixie

                         Qualified for the Grand Champion Title

2015, March - Chinese Martial Arts Competition "CMAT 23" San Francisco (CA, USA)

                         2nd place in Tai ji Quan Compulsory

                         1st place in Tai Ji Quan Open

                         1st Place in Tai Ji Jian

                         1st place in Bajiquan

                         1st place - Overall Champion 

2013, OctoberUnited States Open Martial Arts Competition, Queens, NY, U.S.A.:

                          1st place San Da

                          1st place Tai Ji Quan

                          1st place Tai Ji Qixie

2013, MarchTraditional Wushu Championship, Ukraine:

                          2nd place Tai Ji Quan                

                          3rd place Tai Ji Qixie 

2011, MayWorld Traditional Kung Fu Championship, Bulgaria:

             1st place Tai Ji Quan

             1st place Tai Ji Jian


2008, October1st Wushu Championship of "SPRATAK" National Sports Society, Ukraine:

              2nd place Tai Ji Quan

              2nd place Tai Ji Jian


2008, October – 2nd Stage Ukrainian Wushu Cup, Ukraine:

                            2nd place Tai Ji Quan

                            2nd place Tai Ji Jian


2008, February1st Stage Ukrainian Wushu Cup, Ukraine:

              2nd place Tai Ji Quan

              4th place Tai Ji Jian (in a mixed group of Jian Shu)


2008Ministry of Sports’ Open Wushu Championship, Ukraine:  

              2nd place Tai Ji Quan

              2nd place Tai Ji Jian


2007Ukrainian Wushu Championship, Ukraine:

             2nd place Tai Ji Quan


2007Ukrainian Wushu Cup (Final), Ukraine:

            1st place Tai Ji Quan


20061st International Tai Ji Festival, Ukraine:

                          Best Performer Sun style Tai Ji Quan

             Award for Best Team Performance


2006Ukrainian Wushu Championship, Ukraine:

            2nd place Nanzi Tai Ji Quan

            2nd place Traditional Weapon - Wu style Tai Ji Jian  









fee diploma




2017 - Invited to be judge at the International Chinese Martial Arts Tournament (Pasadena, CA), Chinese Martial Arts Tournament (San Francisco) and Tiger Claw Elite Tournament (San Jose)


2016 - Invited to be judge at the Chinese Martial Arts Tournament (San Francisco) and Tiger Claw Elite Tournament (San Jose)


2015 - Confiucius Institute made a film about Victor's life and his contribution to promotion of wushu and Chinese culture in the world.


2014– Shaolin Wushu Society member; Greek Chinese Wushu Academy Member. 3d wushu seminar in USA (July, 2014) Seattle, WA


2013 – 1st Wushu Seminar in the USA (June-July, Seattle, WA), 2nd Wushu Seminar in the USA (September- October, Chicago, IL);  November – became Ukranian National Wushu Team official member


2010 – Nominated as the Ukranian representative to the World Traditional Kung Fu Federation.


2010 – Organized 4th Charitable Open Ukrainian Wushu Seminar featuring Mr. Yang Shuai, renowned coach from Beijing Sports University


2009 – Set-up the International Cooperation Program with the Beijing Sports University, Shanghai wushu team and Shanghai association "Jingwu"


2009 – Organized 2nd Stage of Ukranian Wushu Cup in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.


2009 – Organized 3rd Charitable Open Ukrainian Wushu Seminar, inviting Master G. Nebulana, World Wushu Champion from Indonesia (modern style)


2008 – Organized 2nd Charitable Open Ukrainian Wushu Seminar, inviting Master Hou Yousheng, China’s premiere traditional wushu instructor/competitor


2008 – Organized the 1st Charitable Open Ukrainian Wushu Seminar, inviting accomplished wushu athlete Master He Jing De


2006 – Certified Wushu Judge


2006 – Founded the Open Wushu Festival, which is held once a year annually and unites many wushu and other martial arts practitioners from Ukraine and other countries


2002 – Opened the 1st wushu school in Chernivtsi, Ukraine together with his 1st Master Zhou Lian Jie (styles: Hong Quan, TaiChi, Yong Chun(WingChun), Shaolin Quan, Contemporary wushu, Sanda)






 2012 Masters Degree—Foreign Policy, Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


 2008 Masters Degree—International Economics, Chernivtsi National University


 2007 Bachelor of Science—International Economics, Chernivtsi National University





 2012 –Ukraine Embassy to the USA

 2011 – Ukraine 6th Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs



2012 Started as Executive Prodecer at "Kruty: Blood and Fire" and "Krasna Malanka".

2013 "The Artifact" : Gangster

2013 "Make Love Not Pain" Social Advertsment : Soldier 

2014 Ronrik official trailer (1)

2014 Ronrik official trailer (2)

2014 "The Last Shot" : Casper

2014 "The iPhone" : Victor

2014 Ronrik official trailer (3)

2014-2015 1+1 TV Project "Ukrainian Investigations" : G. Gongadze

2015 "Shaddow Warriors" : Victor (Ukraine:Kyiv, Odessa, Chernivtsi; LA, SF)

2015 HD FOREX Commercial

2016 Mountain Dew Advertisment (LA)

2016 "Ripper" : Vanko "the Flame" (LA)

2016 "On The Run" : Ivan (actor and fightscene choreographer) (LA)

2017 "Zala" : Maximus (actor and fightscene choreographer) (LA)

2017 "View from Below" : Dmitry (actor and producer) (LA)

2017 "Heart of Everest" : Producer (LA)



 Victor Migalchan works with Brandon Kjar and Kjar&Associates Management Company, based in Los Angeles, California.

  • Phone: +1 818 760 0321

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Currently Victor continues his athletic career.

He also develops his company LeadXpro LLC , media company "WeGotYou Media"Film Academy and few his investment projects.

Victor also is Producer and Host at News of the World TV and We Got You Media. 

Victor's official Linkedin page