2012 Masters Degree—Foreign Policy, Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  2008 Masters Degree—International Economics, Chernivtsi National University

  2007 Bachelor of Science—International Economics, Chernivtsi National University



 January 2012 –Ukraine Embassy to the USA

 June 2011 – Ukraine 6th Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Fund of Economic Education: Economic Seminar 2013 (Seattle)

Fund of Economic Education and Motion Picture Institute: Seminar for Filmmakers 2015(Los Angeles) 



WUSHU : Started training training Martial Arts with the former Lieutenant of the USSR/Ukrainian Army (Sanda, Boxing and Wushu)
Started learning from the master ZHOU LIAN JIE in 2002. The same year started Jing Wu Men mastial arts school and Regional Wushu Federation.

Studied from master He Jingde in terms of the Winter Seminar in 2008;

Studied from master Hou Yousheng in terms of the Summer Seminar in 2008;

Worked and trained together with master G. Nebulana in terms of the Winter Seminar in 2009;
Worked and trained together with master Yang Shuai in terms of the Spring-Summer Seminar in 2010;
Partners: Master G.Tsimpinoudakis and Greek Chinese Martial Arts Academy; Master Shi Yanjun and Shaoling Wushu Society & International Wushu Research Institute;
ATHLETICS: Trained under the guidance of Leonid Alekseevich (USSR Heavy Athletics Champion(Junior Team)) 2006-2009
BODY BUILDING: Learned from and trained together with 
Ilnitskij Volodymyr (Ukrainian National Multiple Champion, European and World Body Building Champion) 2008-2012;
Vadim Komarnitskiy (Ukrainian National Multiple Champion; World WBPF Champion) 2012- 2015
"Sports, academic education and career are tied. If I wouldn't have trained and competed I might not have achieve great academic and business results, high level of proficiency in 8 foreign languages, etc". VM (c)
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems on your academic or athletic way and we will gladly reply and assist you.