ATHLETICS: Trained under the guidance of Leonid Alekseevich (USSR Heavy Athletics Champion(Junior Team)) 2006-2009
Learned from and trained together with:
Ilnitskij Volodymyr (Ukrainian National Multiple Champion, European and World Body Building Champion) 2008-2012;
Vadim Komarnitskiy (Ukrainian National Multiple Champion; World WBPF Champion) 2012- 2015
After years of studies, hard work and victories in terms of many different competitions, Victor created a unique training and healthcare system, combining essential methods of Chinese Martial Arts, Athletics and Body building, which allows people of all ages to train, keep fit, develop themselves. The system involves all aspects of physical, mental workouts, nutrition plan and the "How to Become the Champion" course.
Here you can see some photos and videos of Victor's students, who got great "champion" results using Victor's programs: