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" You are as good as your last move"
- VM

Migalchan Showreel

Heart of Everest

on Thursday, 09 November 2017.

Meeting Lou Ferrigno and Roland Kickinger

Heart of Everest

"Heart of Everest - my passion project and its a gift to my Great Friend Roland Kickinger"- says Victor. His last weeks, before departing to China, Victor spends on the set making this historical project, this story about Roland, world talest professional body builder, A-list Hollywood actor and just unbeliavable and amazing person.

Making this film is like discovering an unknown lake and having some pure water from this lake.

"Meeting Lou Ferrigno and having an ope-heart talk was a great experience "- says Victor.

Heart of Everest

on Tuesday, 07 November 2017.

Meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger

Heart of Everest

While filming "Heart of Everest" Victor Migalchan met Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was a unique moment, while which we got valuable information and understood myths origins. 

Arnold is a very active person, seems inspiring people everywhere he appears is his life mission. When he is around (in the gym) everybody works harder.

Guinnes Book of World Records

on Saturday, 21 October 2017.

Guinnes Book of World Records at the Nascar Auto Club Speedway

Guinnes Book of World Records

Victor Migalchan with dream partner and inspiration Marina Kufa were invited to the race track to be a part of history and world record together with  wegotyoumedia dream team. It was a very nice day at Nascar Racing Experienceat Auto Club Speedway in LA. 

Thanks to our hard work Victor's name, together with WGYM Dream Team got into the Guinness Book of Work Records.


We Got You Media and Guinness World Records

on Monday, 04 September 2017.

It was about 1 year, after Victor Migalchan joined We Got You Media Team. It indeed is a Dream Team. This time We Got You Media got their names in the Guinness World Records.

You are welcome to watch us here: https://vimeo.com/251186748?outro=1&ref=fb-share

Hatchet 10th Anniversary Red Carpet

on Tuesday, 22 August 2017.

Victor Migalchan at Hatchet 10th Anniversary Red Carpet Event

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