The Appeal

on Monday, 17 February 2014.

My appeal to all wushu family members and all athletes... everybody!

This historic moment is come about, because there is a tremendous disconnect between the people of Ukraine and the leaders of Ukraine. We are the people who do our job, working hard, raising our families and paying taxes. But the politicians are not doing their job.

Ukraine was always known for innovations and technological researches, our farm products are famous in the whole world, we are kind, peaceful and hospitable people. Now we lead a movement for change to give Ukraine back its future and defend from internal and foreign pressure.

I stand for the fiscal responsible GOV, rebuilding the economic engine, putting the needs of children first, reforming our political system so the public interest comes before special interest. I appeal to you, my dear wushu family members and to all athletes please support Ukraine as much as you can, appealing to your local media, coming here or whatever is possible.

We can not be indifferent to each other, because tomorrow some other country could face the same problem. I appeal to you honestly without fear or favor in order to do what is right for all of us.